What are cookies?

Almost all websites store small amount of information related to your activity on the website. A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.

Because we want to offer you the best experience, our website works properly only if you have cookies activated. These let us recognize a user when it returns to our website, and it helps us identify and fix the errors, so that we can provide a better tailored experience for you, improving and optimising the performance as well. Data is stored only with your approval. Example: A cookie can store when you navigate to a certain page or use the contact form.

Cookies can’t break your device and we carefully choose our providers that can set cookies, especially marketing ones.

Cookie types on this website:

The cookies that are used on this website comply with the guidelines provided by the authorities regarding this type of information. More details below:

Category 1: Necessary cookies

  • These cookies are mandatory if you want to navigate the website and use its functionalities - for example the account area. Without cookies, these services that you may want to access / use cannot be reached.
  • This website uses only necessary cookies only which affect pages like the auction page and / or the marketplace.

Category 2: Performance cookies

  • These cookies collect user journey related data - e.g. the most visited pages and the errors occurred during the navigation. This information is not stored for identifying a user. All information is aggregated and used to improve website functionality.
  • Cookies from this category: Cookies used by Sentry open-source error tracking software -

Category 3: Functional cookies

  • These cookies store your preferences for the website (e.g.: user name, region or language) so that we can provide personalised characteristics. For example, a web page could display information related to time zone, as it stores your region from which you access the site.
  • These cookies can be also used to identify changes made by you for a better navigation experience. The text size for example or other technical / UI aspects, which you can personalize. Information collected through these cookies may be anonymous and may not not track your activity on other websites.
  • Particularly, this website uses cookies for some forms in order to retain information entered so that we can transfer the data when you access another form. This type of informations is automatically deteled periodically or at the end of a navigation session.

Category 4: Advertising cookies

  • These cookies are used to ads that are relevant to you. They are also used to impose a limit on the ads frequency but also to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Ads are usually placed by marketing agencies but only with the permission of the website operator. They remember that you visited a website and this information is shared with other organizations, such as advertising agencies. Too often, targeting or advertising cookies will be linked to the site functionality provided by the other organization.
  • The following cookies from category 4 are used on the website: Google Analytics (, Google Tag Manager (, Facebook Pixel (
  • All the active cookies stored can be identified by with the help of most popular browsers - for example, in the recent version of “Google Chrome” you can follow the next steps to verify which cookies are used: Open “Chrome DevTools”, navigate to the “Application” tab and there you can analyse the data used and stored.

Disable cookies

You, like any other visitor / user of this website, can decide if you want to have cookies enabled. The website works best with all cookies activated. Your particular cookie settings can be controlled and changed from the browser settings.

For further information on changing cookie settings, idendify the appropriate browser from the following list of popular browers and follow the link:

If cookies are disabled on your machine, most of the site’s features will be disabled and we will not be held liable for any adverse effects. Even with all cookies disabled, a small amount of information will continue to be fetched from your browser. This information is required for the basic operation of this website.

We aim to respond to any requests, inquiries or concerns within thirty (30) days.